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Young students embarking upon the journey of music study are rewarded with many wonderful benefits including:
•A more defined work ethic through setting and working toward special goals.
•Heightened motor skills through activities that exercise hand-eye and psycho-motor coordination.
•Enhanced creativity through interpretation and composition of music.
•Sharpened math skills through the understanding an execution of time
signatures and rhythms.
•Improved self-motivation through the realization that success depends upon effort.
•Increased levels of concentration through focusing on specific tasks.
•Improved social skills through group activities and events such as recitals, ensembles, and group classes.
Victoria has specialized in individual and group teaching.
Each student’s curriculum is tailored to his or her interests, background, goals and musical strengths. Victoria is devoted to shaping the musical voice of each student in a nurturing and friendly environment.
Victoria may incorporate music reading, technique, composition, music fundamentals such as theory and ear training, preparation for performance, ensemble participation and various styles of music into the student’s learning experience.
Lessons are offered in 30, 45 and 60-minute increments. In special cases, young students may arrange for two 15-minute lessons per week.

Beginners class:
Victoria accepts children from age 4 and up. She introduce them to the sense of music, instilling in them the desire to continue. Class content will include but not be limited to concepts such as rhythm, intervals, music symbols, harmony, form, basic music history, and key signatures. A strong emphasis will be given to training the ear through singing and active listening. Within 2-3 months, a beginning student should be capable of playing short classical or popular pieces with fun and imagination.

Intermediate to Advanced:
Adult students can start at any age. “You’re never too old” is proven by Victoria’s enthuasiastic embrace of adult students of all ages, levels and abilities.
Students will be transported to the times: Romanticism, Modernism, etc.. She introduces them to the Russian classics, such as Skriabin, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninov. She immerses them in the subtleties and unique style of each composer. Her greatest challenge in teaching adults is to devise an individualized teaching method for each student depending on their goals. With adults, she uses her own method, which covers a thorough look at all aspects of piano study in a fun and well-paced progression.
Students of all ages develop not only the love of music but the thrill and enthuasiasm of learning. She tailors each course to the individual. From the hobbyist who wishes to play showtunes at home, to the aspiring concert pianist. She can customizes a program to suit your desires.

Student must have a solid background in sight reading, and be willing and ready to study the more difficult piano concertos and preludes.

"Victoria is an inspiring teacher."
"Victoria brings much enthusiasm to each of her sessions. She allows her students to grow at their own pace and in the directions that they wish to grow.
"Victoria provides excellent learning materials and suggests music scores based on my personal preferences."
"Victoria provides excellent learning materials and suggests music scores based on my personal preferences."
More student testimonials can be found on the "Testimonials" page.
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